Primeira Consulta

Your first dental appointment at Clínica do Mar is of special importance to us.

The professional who assists you in this first consultation will be your dentist, and all general consultations will be carried out by him/her, if that is your wish.

The clinical team has established a protocol that is followed for all patients, regardless of the professional who attends them.

In this first approach, we register all your complaints and wishes regarding your problem and collect all the necessary data to prepare the most suitable treatment plan for you.

You will be given a brief survey of your general and dental health and then a thorough clinical examination that will serve to record all situations that require intervention.

Along with the clinical examination and in the same consultation, if necessary, other tests will be carried out:

  • Orthopantomography (panoramic radiography) and intraoral radiographs – so that the professional can see all teeth, jaw bone, joints and other oral structures, with a view to accurately identifying any problems that may exist and that often do not present evident symptoms.

  • Obtaining models of their jaws – through the use of molds, plaster models are made that are exact replicas of their jaws. These replicas are then mounted on a device (articulator) that simulates the movements of your jaw, allowing all the studies and measurements that may be necessary to plan your treatment.

  • Photographic record – taking photographs of your mouth and filing them in your clinical file is a very important help in planning your treatment and in communication between the various members of the clinical team.

  • After collecting all the relevant clinical data, if you wish, you can carry out some treatment that is more urgent.

    At the end of the consultation, your dentist will give you a diagnosis and a preliminary treatment plan, so that you can get an idea about your oral health status.

    If your treatment requires more specific interventions or several “sub-specialties”, your clinical case will be discussed in one of the regular team meetings, so that it can be planned together by the various specialists.

    Treatment plans will be prepared, which will be presented to you by your dentist in an appointment that he will schedule with you.

    At this meeting/consultation, you will be explained in detail all your options and all the treatment steps and their costs, so that you can make an informed decision and move on to treatment, if you wish.

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